Our Story

Over forty years ago, Anne and David Bradt, former summer residents of Nantucket, decided to retire to the island. As a way to stay busy and occupied during their "retirement" they bought the Nantucket Bake Shop from the gentleman who began the business twenty years before. Now one might have found them ill-equipped to run a bake shop, David being an engineer and Anne a teacher, but they felt that they could handle the running of a small, seasonal business and were ready to embark on their adventure. With one major addition, bakers, they knew it would fly.

Enter into the picture, Magee Bradt and Jay Detmer. College students Magee and Jay Detmerwith the summer off, they came to Nantucket to plan a fall wedding. The short story is that Jay took on the task of learning everything about bread baking from Joe, while Magee took over the pastry baking shift. By Labor Day everyone was confident that the Nantucket Bake Shop was able to carry on the traditions established for twenty years. In the fall, when the Bake Shop closed the door for the season, no one imagined that a lifetime career lay ahead, filled with growth and development and tradition.

As master baker, Jay oversees the baking production and is responsible for every loaf of Authentic Nantucket Portuguese Bread produced. Bringing experience gained from other bakeries in the off-season, he has expanded the product line to meet the changing tastes of today. He produces the only fresh, raised donuts made on Nantucket. He has introduced a full line of hearth breads and breakfast items, and his products are featured in some of Nantucket's best restaurants and inns.

Bake Shop Storefront

While managing during the day, Magee oversees the front of the shop as well as the baking. The Nantucket Bake Shop has continued with the traditional favorites like raspberry squares and apple turnovers, while evolving a line of pastries that include elegant desserts, tempting cookies, savory cocktail treats, and pies of all sorts. In addition, the Nantucket Bake Shop specializes in cakes: birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, wedding cakes, anything you can imagine cakes! Special orders are no problem.