Our Story

 Over forty years ago, Anne and David Bradt, former summer residents of Nantucket, decided to retire to the island. As a way to stay busy and occupied during their "retirement" they bought the Nantucket Bake Shop. Enter into the picture Magee Bradt and Jay Detmer. College students with the summer off, they came to Nantucket to plan a fall wedding. The short story is that Jay took on the task of learning everything about bread baking, while Magee took over the pastry baking shift, both of them making it into a lifelong career.


Fast forward to the winter of 2021, Jay and Magee sold the Nantucket Bake Shop to native islander, Kerry Reilly. Kerry's grandmother, Gertrude Allen, passed on the love of baking to her at a young age. Growing up on the island, Kerry worked at the Jared Coffin House, often helping out in the pastry kitchen, until she became an assistant. Her love of baking continued; after college she came back to work as the Pastry Chef for the Jared Coffin House, and later at Arno's on Main Street. After being married, Kerry landed in NJ, where she and her husband Tim raised their two boys. Kerry had always dreamed of opening a bakery on the island, and now her dream has come true!


Brittany Watson, Kerry's niece, is also a native islander. Brittany was involved in many cooking competitions as a student at Nantucket High School and continued her love of cooking as a student at the Culinary Institute of America. Brittany and her aunt had talked about opening a bakery together for many years, and the time has finally come to be. Brittany was the Pastry Chef for Lola's and helped to facilitate their opening in the Boston location as well. Brittany will be the Pastry Chef and Evening Manager.


The Nantucket Bake Shop will continue carrying many of the traditional favorites, while expanding on its gluten free line and adding a few favorites from both Kerry and Brittany's recipe files. The Nantucket Bake Shop currently produces the only fresh, raised donuts made on Nantucket, and offers a full line of breads, breakfast items and traditional favorites such as raspberry squares, apple turnovers, and almond macaroons. Besides its line of pastries that includes elegant desserts, tempting cookies, and pies of all sorts, the Nantucket Bake Shop specializes in cakes: birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, wedding cakes, and more. Kerry, Brittany, and the whole team are excited to continue the Nantucket Bake Shop tradition of serving the best baked goods on the island. Stop by the shop on Monday-Saturday, or visit the online store any time.  

Bake Shop Storefront