Wedding Cakes

As you may know, we have been making wedding cakes for thirty years. We make all sizes to serve from four to four hundred although the average Nantucket wedding cake serves one hundred and fifty to two hundred guests. We are very flexible in designing a cake that meets the expectations of even the most discriminating bride!

Our price is based on the number of servings. Current pricing begins at $16.50 per person.

Included in this price is:
The bride's choice of cake; yellow, chocolate, lemon etc. or any combination thereof.
The choice of icing, trim and decorations.
All of the hardware between the cake
Delivery and set up

What is not included is the choice for the top decoration. Whether it is fresh flowers, an ornament or figurine, this is a separate charge.

We would also like to point out that we pride ourselves on having a very moist and rich cake that can stand alone as the dessert for this occasion. We base the weight of the cake on very generous serving sizes which gives the bride the option of either saving the top tier in the freezer for their anniversary or adding an extra 15 unexpected, wedding guests.

We have enjoyed working with just about every hotel, caterer, bridal consultant and restaurant on the island. We are open and available for a consultation anytime from mid-April until the end of the year, and during the winter by appointment.

We have an album of photos of wedding cakes available for you to look at when on island. You may also see some wedding cake photos at on this page. Hopefully we will have an opportunity to get together sometime before the wedding so that we can go over these and discuss options. If not, we can always work out details and place an order over the phone. We need a firm order with a deposit of 50% at least six months in advance with the balance due two weeks prior to the date.

Again, thank you for your interest in the Nantucket Bake Shop, and I look forward to planning your wedding cake together soon. Feel free to email me any other questions.

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